Your insurances. We strongly believe that your most valuable asset is you.

We assess your financial risks to build a protection plan that is tailored to your specific needs and budget. This is reviewed over time to ensure it stays up-to-date.

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Safeguarding against a loss of income, injury, illness or premature death.

The right insurer, cover and structure for your personal circumstances makes all the difference to you at claim time.

What you need to know

Our wish is that you would never experience an event where you, your family or business would need to make an insurance claim. When your ability to earn an income is compromised it can have a significant financial impact. This is why we help clients with tailored plans so they can be confident that their home, family and lifestyle are protected.

Over 50% of New Zealand households would be unable to cover basic expenses after four weeks of lost income, and on average, hospitals report 65 new cancer cases every day.

Assessing the financial impacts

Every person is different, so it makes sense that a protection plan is unique to you. We understand what insurance options are available – and not all providers are created equal. We make sure that the policy covers what you need and is structures to be affordable for as long as you need it, which makes all the difference at claim time.

When events happen you can have peace of mind knowing there’s only one phone call you need to make and that’s to us. We have strong relationships with insurers and we facilitate your claims by working with you, your insurer and other allied professionals (like your medical specialists) to help you get back on your feet again.

GREAT ADVICE Fantastic advice and customer service and we will definitely recommend Jaime to any of our friends considering their insurances. H. Compton Auckland
PERSONAL SERVICE I have been incredibly impressed with Jaime‘s service and authenticity. Much appreciated! S. Cawley Auckland
Our Plans & Services
SuperCity Insurance
Asset Protection Plan

Designed for individuals to ensure they protect their most important assets which are their health and ability to earn an income. The plans look at how you could survive financially if you suffered an insurable event. These plans can include Life, Disability & Health insurance products.

SuperCity Insurance
Family Protection Plan

Designed for families to ensure they are protected financially if a key member of the family was to suffer an insurable event. The plans look at how the family will survive financially and can include Life, Disability and Health Insurance Products to meet your needs.

SuperCity Insurance
Business Protection Plan

Designed for business owners to ensure their business will survive financially if a shareholder or key person was to suffer an insurable event. The plans can provide funding to repay debt, replace key staff or fund the buyout of another shareholder. Plans may include Life and disability insurance products including Key Person cover and ACC Cover Plus Extra for self-employed clients.

developing & managing your Protection Plan
1 Identify insurance objectives

Identify your financial goals and priorities, so that we can understand what is important to you.

2 Prepare your
Protection Plan

We’ll write a statement of advice that is tailored to match your needs as well as your budget.

3 Implement your
Protection Plan

Once your protection plan is in place, we’ll check in each year to make sure it stays up to date with your needs.

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  • Life InsuranceLife insurance pays out a lump sum to provide financial support if you pass away. It is also available in the event you are diagnosed as terminally ill.
  • Health InsuranceHealth insurance covers the cost of some medical procedures, including specialists and diagnostic tests that may not be immediately available through the public healthcare system.
  • Income ProtectionIncome protection is an ongoing payment so that you don’t go backwards financially if you are temporarily or permanently unable to work due to accident or injury.
  • Business InsuranceBusiness Continuation and Key Person cover are ongoing payments to help cover the cost of overheads, loan repayments, or temporary staff if a key person is unable to work due to illness or injury.
  • Mortgage ProtectionMortgage protection is an ongoing payment designed to help cover costs like mortgage repayments or rent if you were unable to work due to accident or illness.
  • Trauma InsuranceTrauma insurance pays out a lump sum to provide financial support if you were diagnosed with a serious medical event such as cancer, stroke or a heart attack.
  • Disability InsuranceDisability insurance pays out a lump sum if you suffer a severe illness or injury that would permanently prevent you from returning to work.
  • ACC RestructureACC is designed to provide cover in the event of an accident, but not illness or deteriorating health. CoverPlus Extra may reduce your levies, so savings can be redirected into insurance.

We believe in the client for life philosophy.

I always have my clients best interests at heart and will work with them to protect their most important asset: themselves.

Jaime James

Principal Insurance Adviser

Jaime James is regarded as one of New Zealand’s premier insurance advisers. Her reputation stems not only from her attention to detail and her tailored protection plans, but because she always has your best interests at heart. Jaime will work with you to protect your most important asset: yourself.

When your health or your ability to earn an income is compromised it often has devastating financial impacts on families and businesses. With her solid background in business, insurance and property investing, Jaime specialises in helping clients safeguard against a loss of income, premature death, injury or illness.

As a Registered Financial Adviser, Jaime assesses the potential financial impact of one of these events on your family, lifestyle and business. She provides solutions that achieve a protection plan tailored to your specific needs. When problematic events occur, you can have peace of mind, knowing there’s only one phone call you need to make. Jaime and her team facilitate your claims by working with you, your insurer and your other allied professionals to help you back on your feet again.

2019 | Women in Insurance Awards, ‘Broker of the Year’ Finalist

2018, 2017 & 2016 | OneNetwork Financial Advisor Awards, ‘Champion’