Commercial loans. Don’t let finance put the brakes on your future business plans.

The highly experienced team at SuperCity know exactly what the banks and non-bank lenders need before they make an offer.

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We’ll build your funding so you can build your development.

From sub-divisions to mixed-use developments, access to funding can make or break a deal. We’ve found funding for development schemes of all sizes.

Building your business the best funding plan

Your funding options may be wider than you think. Because we have a strong track record in arranging development finance both for our clients and for our own investments, we can access bank, non-bank and private investment funding sources on your behalf.

There are a number of different scenarios where we can help:

  1. Specialist properties such as retirement complexes, childcare centres and motels
  2. Subdivisions
  3. Commercial and industrial schemes
  4. Residential development
  5. Equity and joint ventures
  6. Land banking
  7. Project underwriting at the pre-sale and exit strategy stage

If you’ve got big plans and need development finance, please get in touch.

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We know how to get your business the capital it needs.

SuperCity have access to a wide range of lenders covering both banks and non-banking sources. We can find you not just the finance, but also a great deal.

Plant and machinery finance

There are going to be times where you need to invest in new equipment for your business. Whether it’s a truck, engineering plant or new high-tech machinery, we can help. With years of expereince in the field we know which lenders to approach so you don’t have to wait to buy what you need.

Working capital finance

If you are in need of working capital, there are a range of products and solutions that we can access for you. Whether it’s an overdraft facility, export finance, debtor factoring or invoice discounting, we can help you review your options.

Accessing capital finance doesn’t need to be a stressful process – we understand how to frame your business plans to get the best deal. The first step is to give us a call so we can understand what you’re looking to do.

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When looking at commercial loans there are so many options and factors to consider. Secured, unsecured, main bank, non-bank or asset finance? We can help you decide what is going to best suit your needs.

1 Access the most competitive funding

We find as many as 80% of our new clients don’t have loan structures or interest rates that suit them. As advisers, we work for you, not the bank, so you can be confident that our advice has your best interests at heart.

2 Position yourself for portfolio growth

Having easy access to finance means you are prepared for the next deal. As you build your portfolio, we can offer advice on how future purchases might impact your portfolio long-term. We can also work with your accountant and lawyer to review your portfolio strategy.

3 Our customers always come first

Our client for life philosophy attracts and keeps loyal clients, because they understand the value of independent advice. We work with you on long-term goals to build and protect your wealth. Setting up effective strategies now reduces stress in the future.

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