Your mortgage. Saving you hundreds of thousands over the life of your loan.

Refinancing to improve interest rates, top ups for renovations, buying another property, or getting bridging finance are all areas where we can optimise your mortgage.

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We act fast to get you that pre-approval ahead of time.

Lending criteria changes on a daily basis. We know where to take your deal and how to secure the best available terms.


Need capital to get your development underway?

We have access to a wide range of both bank and non-bank lenders to get you a competitive deal. If you have development or business plans, please get in touch so we can discuss your ideas and how we can help.


Your most valuable asset is you.

We assess what financial risks you have and help build a protection plan that is tailored to your specific needs and budget, reviewing it over time so it stays up-to-date.

why choose supercity
1 Access the most competitive funding

We find as many as 80% of our new clients don’t have loan structures or interest rates that suit them. As advisers, we work for you, not the bank, so you can be confident that our advice has your best interests at heart.

2 Position yourself for portfolio growth

Having easy access to finance means you are prepared for the next deal. As you build your portfolio, we can offer advice on how future purchases might impact your portfolio long-term. We can also work with your accountant and lawyer to review your portfolio strategy.

3 Our customers always
come first

Our client for life philosophy attracts and keeps loyal clients, because they understand the value of independent advice. We work with you on long-term goals to build and protect your wealth. Setting up effective strategies now reduces stress in the future.

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Up-to-date market news

Keeping you informed so you can make the right decisions.
Interest rates August 2021
Interest rate outlook can change so quickly

RBNZ intends to lift interest rates over the coming years, but held fire this time given the level of uncertainty about this new outbreak. 

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Market changes APRIL 2021
NZ Government housing announcement

The announcement we did not expect: the removal of the ability of all new investor purchasers to deduct interest costs moving forward.

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Market changes DEC 2020
How fast might prices rise on average in the coming year?

Although November will still likely show a sharp price increase, for December onward monthly price gains below the 3.5% of October and 2.6% of September are likely.

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